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Myungsoo - OGS in Dubai (131206)

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elite - Dongwoo&Myungsoo

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 2 0 1 3   W I T H   E X O | Though the road is still long and there will be a lot more achievements to be made in the future, I’m proud of what EXO has already accomplished this year. A year that could have made or break Exo. 2013 was EXO’s 1st official comeback. After a year of an endless “MAMA ERA” EXO came back with “XOXO”. Wolf became the “reality” and the follow-up behind it (Growl) became the success. 6 music videos, 4 Albums (including repackages), 18 Music Show Wins, 4 Triple Crowns, 5 Music awards, 1 Worldwide nomination, thousands of EXO fans all around the world, 12 members who stand as 1. 2013 was a good year for EXO. #600DaysWithEXo

I am so proud of these 12 men. They really are so amazing.

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2013 MV releases (boys ver.)

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Ahh simi, you are the best. 


Ahh simi, you are the best. 

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a collection of jaehwan’s kisses

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